Eminence 10mm Hunter with Color Case Tactical Frame

February 13, 2017
This is a 10mm Eminince Hunter we just completed for a customer.  To say it turned out great is an understatement.  Justin's color case frame and Corbona blue slide are outstanding. In order to prevent any warpage from the incredibly high heat color case requires,  we build a unique fixture for every frame sty…

New 10mm Carry Just Completed

December 5, 2016
We have successfully built our Carry 1911 in the powerful 10mm cartridge.  Combining 10mm stopping power with our 4.15" Carry 1911 is a perfect combination for the strength of our all steel, bull barrel 1911 Carry model.  Of couse we had to do this in our top shelf Eminence package.  Color case frame and perfectly fit polished s…

5 Inch 10mm Hunter off to a Great Start

August 11, 2016
Our love affair with the 1911 10mm continues with our new 5" Hunter.  This pistol is amazing.  Perfeclty reliable feeding and ejection, great balance with reasonable recoil and muzzle rise.  Our bull barrel and tac-frame make all the difference.  The metal finish is our Graphite Black Cerakote for a tough, rust proof finish…

Another Incredible Eminence 45 Completed

August 9, 2016
Every time Justin finishes one of these pistols I am blown away.  This is our Eminence 1911 in 45 ACP with color case frame, custom slide, and an amazing set of Mammoth ivory grips.  The chevrons on the top of the slide are both functional and beautiful.  Our 800 grit polish on the sides of the slide adds a touch of class and plays o…

A Great Report from Bob Kolesar

July 5, 2016
 Getting it back with Hill Country Handguns  In 2013 I decided to start shooting competitively again, after a 12-year layoff. One of the problems I was confronted with was what pistols to use...my personal guns were in sad shape after two decades of Army team use. Luckily, I lived down the road from Hill Country Handguns. Head gunsmith…

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