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 Getting it back with Hill Country Handguns 

In 2013 I decided to start shooting competitively again, after a 12-year layoff. One of the problems I was confronted with was what pistols to use...my personal guns were in sad shape after two decades of Army team use. Luckily, I lived down the road from Hill Country Handguns. Head gunsmith Justin McMillan, former Army Marksmanship Unit master armorer, built a .22 for my use in the rimfire phase of the National Match bullseye course. Assembled on a Caspian frame, it utilizes a Marvel .22 conversion unit on top with UlltraDot optics. It has since won the .22 phase of three different Texas NRA bullseye regionals, including the ones in Wichita Falls and Austin. At the Camp Perry Nationals in 2013 and '14 I used it as a team member on the USAR National "Black Team" in the .22 caliber events.  

My Government model 1911 that Justin accurized is the finest .45 match pistol I've ever owned or used in 30+ years of competitive shooting. It's now past the 1200-round mark with no malfunctions. Completed days before the TX state pistol championships, it won the .45 phase of the match with just a couple of quick training and zero sessions beforehand. A month later it was my "anchor gun" in winning the TX centerfire match and pistol regional in Austin. In its first two registered bullseye matches it has helped me win an NRA regional gold medal, two CMP silver medals and a TX state high master trophy without a single issue. And it'll only get better as I shoot it more. Thanks, Hill Country! 


                                                                                                                         Bob Kolesar, 1SG (ret) USAR

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