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Eminence Carry in 10mm


This is our beautiful Eminence 1911 in a unique size and caliber.  We have built this pistol in our 4.15" barrel Carry length with bobtail frame in a 10mm cartridge, thus combining Carry size with 10mm stopping power.  Our gorgeous color case frame is meticulously fit to a polished slide in Corbona blue finish.  Our exhibition grade English Walnut grips finish this 1911 off in striking fashion.  In addition to its unique design, this pistol is extremely accurate.  Five shot groups fired from our Ransom rest at 50 yards measure an amazing 1.275" with Atlanta Arms 180 grain TMS ammo!

We also have our custom fit leather holsters available for $165.


Eminence 9mm


This is our Eminence 1911 in 9mm with 3.9" KKM match barrel in a Carry configuration with bobtail frame.

The pistol features our own color case hardened finish, Niter blue accents, and custom English Walnut grips.

The slide is in our version of a Corbona blue finish.

The Accuracy of this 1911 is off the charts!  5 shot group measures .945" at 50 yards from our Ransom rest.