We produce our 1911 pistols is a very unique way that we call “One-Man-One-Gun” manufacturing. From initial parts selection to final test fire, one Master Gunsmith will build your pistol. There is no assembly line of workers. There is no quota system that compromises quality. The pistol is done when it has reached perfection in tolerance, appearance, and accuracy.

Justin McMillan will build your 1911. He will start your build by hand selecting every part. He will control the fit and finish of every part. He will chamber and install your barrel, surface grind your frame and slide, fit and tune your trigger, make your grips, and flawlessly execute every aspect of your pistol.

Justin learned the art of the 1911 while building pistols for the Army Marksmanship Unit. While serving with the AMU, Justin had the honor of building pistols that took Gold at Camp Perry and the Sidney Olympics. He spent time as Head Gunsmith for STI when STI was at its best. He is one of very few Gunsmiths inducted into the American Custom Gunmakers’ Guild for handgun work. He is an artist and utter perfectionist. No other builder combines Guild quality fit and finish with AMU accuracy.

Imagine dedicating the facility, machinery, time and this level of skill to the single purpose of building the finest 1911 handgun possible. This is what we have done.

Volume is the enemy of quality when it comes to custom firearms. We know this. We have no desire to build 100’s of 1911’s. We will build 30 pistols each year. That’s it. Justin builds one pistol, tests it, completes it, gives it his personal stamp of approval, and then starts the next one. Our 1911’s are superior and they are rare. In all the word, only 30 people each year will have the opportunity to own one.

Other high-end 1911 builders produce 30 or more pistols in a day. You can almost see them rattling down the assembly line, from worker to worker, each playing a tiny part in the final product, just another link in the chain of mass production.

Imagine how much better our 1911 must be, built by one 1911 Master from start to finish, with pride and his own legacy at stake at every phase of creation.

To order any of our 1911 pistols simply call us at 830-609-3139 or email at sales@hillcountryrifles.com. We do not require a deposit. When the pistol you have chosen from our Availability list is ready, we will simply contact you for payment at that time. If the model you desire is already sold, we will gladly put you on our waiting list for the next time that model is produced. Delivery time ranges from 10 to 18 months.

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