Eminence Hunter in 10mm

    Eminence 45 ACP

    This is our Eminence 1911 in 45 ACP that we recently completed for a special order.

    The case color frame and Niter blue accents turned out great.  The slide features polished sides and matted top with chevrons, all in our Corbonia blue finish.  An exhibition grade set of English Walnut grips doesn't hurt either!

      Beautiful Eminence 9mm with Mammoth Ivory Grips

      This is one of our Eminence 1911's that we recently finished.  The mammoth ivory grips are amazing and our version of Corbonia blue produced a gorgeous metal finish.

        HCH Eminence 45 ACP

        Here we have a Custom Classic featuring a color case hardened frame, nitre accents, and mammoth ivory grips.

        Accuracy testing yielded a 1.25" 5-shot group at 50 yards.

        HCH Eminence 9mm

        DSC 2016 Conservation Commemorative Pistol

        This special edition 1911 was built in honor of Dallas Safari Club 2016 Convention - "Conservation". The pistol will be auctioned off with the proceeds going directly to DSC, for use in their continuing mission of conservation, hunter education, and protecting hunter's rights. We are honored to be featured in the pages of the Fall 2015 edition of GameTrails Magazine, alongside Fanzoj of Austria and Ralf Martini of Canada, in Wayne van Zwoll's article "From Small Shops Come Excellent Guns".