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HCH Carry


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HCH Carry 1911:

The Carry model has proven to be very popular, combining match-grade accuracy with real-world reliability in a design that is the culmination of years of custom pistol work. The unique 3.9” barrel length makes this a very compact pistol and the 9mm chambering maximizes magazine capacity.  The frame is bobtailed for better ergonomics and to minimize printing -  The bobtail mainspring housing and front grip strap are serrated at 30 lines per inch.  These horizontal serrations provide an excellent balance by providing a secure gripping surface that is also smooth enough to be worn comfortably against the body.  Careful attention is paid to the blending metalwork done on frame, grip safety, mainspring housing, and grip area, resulting in impressive ergonomics. The slide is flat-topped and serrated to minimize glare in the sight picture.  Novak Night sights come standard, creating the most efficient and accurate sight picture possible.  Exhibit grade English Walnut grips and fine satin matte blue finish come standard.

Quality components are crucial to producing a quality firearm, and as such, all of our components are forged or machined from billet steel and made in the USA.


Caliber: 9mm or .45 ACP

Overall Length: 7.5" 

Barrel Length: 3.9"

Sight Radius: 5.5"

Height: 5.5"

Width: 1.3"



Hand Engraving:  Quote

Crimson Trace Master Series Laser Grips:  $400