Welcome to Hill Country Handguns, a division of Hill Country Rifle Company. For over 20 years we have been building some of the world’s most accurate and reliable hunting and tactical bolt action rifles. We also produce some of the finest walnut stocked rifles in the world. In all of this work, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards of quality, accuracy, and customer service.

We now bring these same standards to the custom 1911 handgun. We combine the best components available, with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. All steel components are forged and made in the USA. We use the best match grade bull barrels. We surface grind every slide and frame to within .001” slide to frame fit. That is perfection. There is no play, no up, down, or side to side wobble, only a perfect, smooth, rock-solid movement that will enhance accuracy and increase the life of your pistol. Every one of our 1911’s is hand fit and fully tested for perfect feeding, cycling, ejection and accuracy.

We produce our 1911’s in a way that is very different from most builders.

We are not a high volume production shop. We build only 40 or so of our custom 1911 handguns each year for a select group of clients. A two man team will produce your custom 1911 from start to finish. They work hand in hand to ensure that every part if meticulously fit. We have no production quotas and take no shortcuts in building your pistol.

Every pistol is fully tested for accuracy and proper function. Nothing is assumed. You will receive your new 1911 in a beautiful aluminum case with the 5-shot group, 50 yard target that demonstrates the accuracy your pistol produced.